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Anasayfa / Recruitment and Evaluation Services

English is now a must in today's business world. Among the qualifications required for  all job positions English takes the first place. Hasdil supports  Konya's leading organizations and companies during their recruitment, performance evaluation and promotion processes  with its English proficiency tests.

Hasdil is preferred by many institutions with its fast exam scheduling, accurate and secure exam organizations and  different test alternatives.

Why professional evaluation?

Hasdil supports HR departments that need to find out candidates’ level of English independently during the recruitment process. Hasdil provides great support to institutions that are responsible for the recruitment process .

Professionally, Hasdil plays important role while measuring knowledge of candidates' English during

  • the recruitment process
  • performance evaluation periods 
  • wage increases (time) requirements / planning
  • determination of fringe benefits
  • times of career planning