Closed Group Courses for Companies

Anasayfa / Closed Group Courses for Companies

Content of the Programme

Hasdil closed group programmes are recommended for companies whose employees share a similar level, knowledge of grammar, educational expectations and needs. Closed group programmes are one of the most popular among the range of courses we provide, as they aim to find solutions for attendees about learning a language and meet their needs.

These programmes primarily start with a written and an oral test to find out attendees’ level of English skills. After assessing their level, educational goals are determined.  Then the employees of your company are grouped according to their levels and needs and directed to the most appropriate programme.

Duration of the Programme

During this group programme that takes place in your company or Hasdil Course Center, your employees’ attendence and development is reported regularly. We provide online reports for companies that wish to follow students’ progress. Furthermore, we are aware that feedback and follow-up are very important elements of educational process, which is why we provide  regular reports for you and your employees to use the time they spend in language learning more effectively. We also provide all possible support though our academic and management staff.