Professional English Exam Schedule

Anasayfa / Professional English Exam Schedule

BULATS: Business Language Testing Service

BULATS is a test of business English. Companies purchase BULATS tests and arrange for members of their staff to take the exam in order to assess their level of English.


BEC: Business English Certificates

To succeed in international business and commerce you need a good knowledge of English , BEC Certificates can help you to get ahead in your career. 


ILEC: International Legal English Certificate

ILEC is an international skills-based exam, covering Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. It is produced by University of Cambridge ESOL in collaboration with Translegal Europe's leading firm of lawyer-linguists and is recognised by leading associations of lawyers.


ICFE: International Certificate in Financial English

Cambridge English: Financial, also known as International Certificate in Financial English (ICFE), will help you show that you have the right language skills required for a successful career in international accountancy and finance. It is a high-level qualification.

Cambridge ICFE is an ideal qualification for anyone thinking of or already pursuing ,a career in accountancy or finance.